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An attractive natural cascade for a client in West Sussex

Following a recommendation from a local garden centre I called Crystal Clear Aquatics to arrange a quote to renovate our garden pond. Ed was immediately helpful and flexible and arranged to meet me at a convenient time to fit around my work – in person he was enthusiastic, asked relevant questions and made recommendations. Throughout the renovation process we received a friendly, professional service and Ed went the ‘extra mile’ leaving the pond looking amazing and we can now see our fish!


Clare Scott

I have no hesitation in recommending Ed Barham and his team when it comes to pond servicing and maintenance. Ed has maintained our garden pond for over 4 years and has consistently been reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and 'kept a very good pond'.

I value the service he offers and hope to continue our relationship for many years to come. I would recommend Ed and Crystal Clear Aquatics to anyone who has a pond and wishes to keep it in good shape through winter and summer.


John Burgess

A well maintained pond or water feature can be a focal point of any garden.


From the soothing harmonies of a babbling brook, through to the excitement and intricacies of a formal fountain, the sound and reflections that water features can provide have fascinated man for centuries.


Often missed, but perhaps just as important as aesthetics, is the safe haven for many different species that ponds can provide. Frogs, and if you’re lucky newts, plus a huge menagerie of aquatic invertebrates, are ever reliant on the habitat that a modest amount of water can provide in our ever growing urbanisation of the countryside.


However, although a clear clean pond or feature will complement any space, it is sadly all too common to see ponds riddled with blanket weed, choked with duckweed and other invasive plants, pea-soup green with algae or brown and gloopy with mud and sludge.


An attractive feature or a messy eyesore?


If, like many you fit into the latter category, fear not, help is at hand....

 To discuss your needs in more detail please call 07747 036 070 



All the photographs on this website are of ponds that we have built, restored or maintained for clients.

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"For All Your Pond & Aquatic Needs"

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