Is your pond an overgrown mess?  Choked with blanket weed?  Smelly?  Can't see your fish until they’re at the surface?  Have no fear; Crystal Clear Aquatics specialises in cleaning and restoring a pond or water feature to its former glory.


As the pictures above show restoring a pond is hardly glamorous, but with our specialist equipment such as high powered pumps, sludge vacuums, fish holding tanks, air pumps and pressure hoses, no pond is too big or too small for us to tackle for you.

Pond leaking? Having to top up on a weekly basis? Sadly minor holes and tears in ponds can be common place but thankfully most are repairable.


The hardest part is locating the damage. Generally a pond will be drained down and thoroughly cleaned to enable a proper examination. Any damage found can then be repaired with a combination of dedicated (fish friendly) putties, patches and adhesives which allow the user to refill the pond immediately after application. This helps minimise stress that livestock may receive whilst in a holding tank.


It is important to note that, unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee either finding any damage or the integrity and durability of the repair, although most cases are successful and long-lasting. A repair is a more economical proposition than having to re-line or replace an existing pond.


A Typical Cleaning & Restoration Project


This pond had been neglected by the previous house owners and had multiple problems:

  • badly overgrown and heavily sludged

  • infested with blanket weed

  • no surviving delicate marginal plantings

  • leaking

  • few surviving fish in very poor condition

  • edging stones loose

  • waterfall silted up

  • pump and filtration equipment obsolete and not working

  • unsafe electrics

  • mini-rockeries at either side needing rebuilding and restocking

Large pond before cleaning C Large pond being cleaned C

Let the experts deal with all your messy pond work!

Recovered fish 1 C Recovered fish 2 C

We take particular care to recover valuable fish and to keep them safe ready for restocking when the pond is restored

12 DG before restoration C 12 DG after restoration C cropped

.... and with crystal clear water after a full restoration including new filtration equipment and rebuilt edging

Pond drained and cleaned, ready to be fibreglassed

This pond in Lower Bourne Farnham was a sorry mess before restoration ....

A cleaning and restoration project in progress

Capture pond preped